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Please note that this is from my alter ego Kendal Corbitt so fair warning it is of the Erotica nature. I will leave it on the blog until August and then move to as a free read and focus more PG stuff on the blog.

Wedding Disaster by Kendal Corbitt

My fingers brushed over April’s rigid nipple. It flushed deep pink, begging for attention. I lowered my head, my lips suckling the bumpy edges while my tongue flicked back and forth over the raised peek. April writhed underneath me, her long, warm fingers scratching down my bare back. That’d leave a mark, I mused, trying not to wince.

My penis throbbed, on the edge of coming, but I held back. Taking April to bed had been a priority since the moment I met her, and I had zero interest in rushing through the motions. She was nothing like the quiet, shy woman Kate had introduced me to. I’d seen through her facade, sensing the feisty wildcat dormant within her.

“Grant.” She half shouted, half hissed between clenched teeth. Her back arched off the mattress, pushing more of her breast into my eager mouth. I sucked harder, trying to fulfill her needs.

“More,” she panted.

“Soon,” I promised. Pleasure at watching her enjoy how I touched her body, sent a shiver down my spine.


A throaty chuckle rumbled from my chest. She wasn’t a one-night stand kind of girl, and I could respect that. We both had a big day tomorrow, important roles and obligations to fulfill, and I didn’t want to have any awkwardness between us. I might have the worse timing known to man, but I had something to say.


“No.” April stiffened under me, and a shiver ran through her body, leaving a wake of goose pimples. Her voice was sharp, and I pulled back to look down at her passion-flushed face. A mixture of emotions flashed across her face; anger, confusion, until finally hope settled into her deep blue eyes. “Let’s not talk about tomorrow, Grant. Let’s just enjoy tonight.”

I wanted to argue with her and push the subject, but when she reached her hand between us and her fingers encircled my stiff penis, all thoughts melted. Her warm hand began to stroke up and down my shaft. I tried to focus, tried to remember what I’d wanted to say, but words failed me, and I couldn’t form a sentence -- couldn’t remember what had been so important to say just a minute ago. My lips crushed into hers, and our tongues danced while our bodies rubbed together. Friction sparked between us as we both panted with desire.
Tomorrow. We’d talk tomorrow.


I switched my weight uncomfortably from one foot to the other. Staring at the door,
I cleared my throat. “Katie, do you need help?”

Silence came from the bathroom stall.


“Grant, you’re my best friend, and I’m thrilled you are standing up for me today, but come on, helping me pee? Step to far, hon.”

“But this is part of my Maid of Honor duties, right?” Okay, my main duty consisted of preventing Katie from crying on her wedding day. I thought assisting her to pee was part of the kit and caboodle.

“Friend of Honor.”

I could hear the humor in her voice. I’d been insisting on the traditional title she kept correcting me since the moment she asked me to stand up for her when she married Jeff.

Regardless of what I was called -- let’s just call me Katie’s best friend with a penis -- we still had a problem. In the bulky white dress, she couldn’t go to the bathroom without help. Jeff wasn’t allowed to see her. Her Moms where waiting outside the door, but they’d be no help. Jill had a video camera glued to her hand and she itched to capture the perfect video. My bet wagered that the woman hoped she’d capture the next grand prize video for America’s Funniest People.

Jill’s relaxed attitude completely contrasted of her partner’s. Dot had wept non-stop since we arrived at the church, anxiously waiting to walk her daughter down the aisle. As a guy, I didn’t really get the crying at a wedding thing, but when Jill and Dot corned me at the engagement party last month, the message had been absolutely clear - don’t screw up. Neither woman was too thrilled that Katie had picked a guy to be her Friend of Honor, and Jeff had a girl as his Best Man. You’d think a married lesbian couple would have a bit more liberated view on the whole thing. I personally thought their priorities were a bit off. Their daughter was getting married to a guy she’d meet five weeks ago in a bar, and they weren’t happy with me being her Friend of Honor?

“Grant. Let us in.” Speak of the devils.

Katie hissed behind the closed door, “Don’t you dare let my Moms in here.”

“Should I get April?”

“Yes! Oh, Grant, please go get April.”

“Sure babe, whatever you need. Be back in a minute.” I unlocked the bathroom door. Jill and Dot descended on me like vultures to a fresh road kill. I held up my hands, stopping them mid pounce. “Ladies. All is fine. Katie has asked that you check on the arriving guests.”

Jill nodded an understanding while pulling a misty eye Dot out of the small dressing room at the front of the church. “Come on, Dot, I bet there’s something good out here to get on film.

I followed, shaking my head. My mind geared for the new task at hand. I had to find April before Katie’s bladder exploded. Besides I’d been trying to find a reason to see her before the ceremony began. I felt bad about leaving her at my hotel room this morning. At least I’d left a note. She’d been sleeping so soundly, no doubt after I’d worn her out with my incredible love making skills. Three orgasms baby. I knew I was grinning like a fool, but we were good together, and my body reacted just thinking about it. Two bottles of wine between us, one not so innocent dance at the rehearsal dinner, and wham-bam -- we ended back at my hotel room.

Okay, so I wasn’t all that proud that we were a bit drunk, but I couldn’t get straight-laced April to even glance in my direction without slipping a bit of liquid courage into the girl. When she put her inhabitations aside, the girl could party. It’d taken every ounce of charm I had to finally catch her eye, but it’d been worth it. Since I met her at Jeff and Katie’s engagement party, I hadn’t been able to get her off my mind, or out of my fantasies. She was simply gorgeous. Everything about her was adorable from her pixie shaped face to the whimsical dance in her walk and the way her voice sounded like a laughing melody.

Glancing out the stain glass window, I caught a glimpse of Jeff pacing back and forth down the side of the Church. Wherever Jeff was, April had to be close by.

“Yo, Jeff, where’s April?” I called from the side entrance.

Jeff ignored me and continued to walk in a four-foot circle, around and round over the same stretch on the concrete sidewalk. April was nowhere to be seen.


No response.

“Jeff Reynolds.” I raised my voice higher. Huffing out a frustrated breath, I took the steps two at a time and landed in Jeff’s path.

He looked up at me, a blank expression in his dark eyes. “Grant?”

“Yah, buddy. You ok?”

“Sure. Sure. I’m great. Besides the fact that my estranged and utterly insane father is here. He’s claiming he’s married to Katie. He’s declared he will stand up in front of our friends and family and discredit our marriage when Pastor Daniel asks if anyone objects. Oh, yeah, I’m fine. Peachy.” Jeff’s eyes darted back and forth like a rabbit escaping a predator. “How’s Katie?”

“She has to pee.” My mind worked a mile a minute. My goal to prevent Katie from crying was unravelling, and this new Mr. Reynolds glitch looked like a big issue. “We’ll take care of everything, man. I promise. Where’s April?”

Jeff gestured to a side entrance of the church and then continued his pacing. I left him, trying to prioritize the growing number of disasters threatening to ruin the wedding. and a startled gasp passed her lips. Her cell phone tumbled from her hand, and she fell backward to the floor.

I reached out and grabbed her around the waist, just inches from the ground. We locked eyes, her baby blues wide in surprise. Her breath came in short pants, and I could feel her breasts rising with each breath against my chest. A vivid memory from last night flashed in my mind. I could almost hear her throaty need beckoning me to take her tight nipples between my teeth. I shifted my weigh, trying to hide my body’s reaction to her closeness. I couldn’t wait to get this crazy ceremony over with and onto the reception. I needed time alone with her. “April, I—”

“Hello?” A distant voice from April’s open cell phone called out.

We stood up, and she grabbed her phone off the floor. April fixed a cold stare at me, her eyes void of emotion, unlike the feisty heat that poured from them mere hours ago. “I don’t have time for any of your games, Grant. Not now.”
Without a backward glance, she pulled the outside door open and disappeared.
Games? What freaking games? Confusion fogged my mind as I tried to connect the angry, frustrated woman I’d just collided with to the loving and passionate woman who’d shared my bed. What’d I do wrong?

Crap! Katie. I grabbed the door before it latched shut. By the time I caught up with April, she was at Jeff’s side and snapping her phone shut. “Okay Jeff, Harmony is sending someone over to collect your dad. I put him in the back room until they arrive.”

“Your father is from Harmony Institute?” I couldn’t help but blurt out the words, unable to mask the shock in my voice. Okay, so that wasn’t exactly one of my more tackful moments in recent days. Hey, my mom always said I was a work in progress. “Katie never said anything to me.”

April shot me a dangerous look, kind of a mixture of “shut up” and “back off”.

“She doesn’t know,” April said between clenched teeth.

“Why the heck not?” I fired back. If Jeff’s father was a member of the town’s loony bin -- oops, Mental Health Facility, much more PC -- Katie had a right too know. Why would he keep his father a secret from his soon to be wife?

April shook her head. Her blond ringlets swayed from side to side. Her sapphire eyes looked up at me, pleading through a curtain of thick lashes, tears threatened to over flow her eyelids and slip down her pink cheeks. I wrestled with the decision to argue on my best friend’s behalf or drop the issue to stop the woman I might love from crying. Whoa. Love? Hell, I hardly knew her. One night, no matter how good, had never thrown me through a loop like this.

“Can I talk to you? Now.” April firmly grasped my elbow and turned me around. She half dragged me, half-lead me around the corner of the church out of ear shot of Jeff. I was mildly disappointed when she released her grip.

“About last night—”

“Last night was fun. One night, yup I get it. It was nothing. I was warned you aren’t a commitment kind of guy, so no biggie, okay? Drop it, and let’s focus on what’s really important.”

Shards of ice jabbed at me with each word. It was nothing? Drop it? Okay, so I’m the first to admit that a one-night stand was how I usually preferred my dates to end, but I really thought April and I had something special going on. I studied her. She worked her bottom lip between her teeth, pushing and pulling the tender flesh back and forth. It was an erotica gesture, and my body jumped to attention.

“It was something to me.” Even I couldn’t believe the words that just came out of my mouth.

She stared straight at me, her eyes wide and unblinking for a full minute. I could practically see the ticking of her brain analysing my words, weighing them against that internal lie detector most woman seemed to have. Did she believe me? How could I convince her?

“April, I enjoyed--” I sounded lame. How the heck do I say that I wanted more? Maybe I didn’t need a line or some corny cliché. “Hell, I want more than just last night.”
I waited for a reaction from her, hoping she’d take my words at face value and believe me. There was a minuscule twitch at the corner of her mouth. It was so quick I might have missed it if I wasn’t so obsessed with staring at her kissable lips. There it was again; a tiny smile.

“Grant, we do not have time to go into this. Later. I promise. Right now I need to calm Jeff down, get his dad out of here, and make sure things go smoothly. Understood?”

I grinned like a kid with a new toy. She’d smiled. That had to be good, right? “Katie needs to pee.”

Seriously, where the heck did my filter between my brain and mouth go when I was near April? I tried to explain. “It’s a dress issue. She needs a woman’s help.”

Thank God, at this revelation she seemed to understand without me having to go into detail.

“Okay, lead the way. But first I want to check that Mr. Reynolds is staying put in the back room.”

We pushed are way through the side entrance, and the first person we ran into was the pastor performing the ceremony. “Hello, Pastor Daniel.”

The Pastor looked up, taking a stumble towards me. His reaction was more than a fraction too slow, and I reached out to prevent him from falling to the floor. A strong whiff of whiskey burned my nostrils.

“Call me Pastor Dan. No, I like Danny Boy better. Oh, how about Master P Danny Boy? I’d like to be introduced like that.” The husky man rumbled with laughter. April rolled her eyes as I wrestled with the desire to slug the holy man.

“Go,” I said to April. She gave one curt nod and disappeared down the hall, leaving me to deal with Master P.

I dragged the portly man behind me toward the church basement steps and the glorious coffee I smelled brewing. At the bottom of the steps, I saw a small group of the ladies from the choir, and a flood of relief swam through me. “Ladies, can I get a little help here?”

“Oh, my honeys! Master P is in da’house. Can I get a woot-woot?”

An elderly lady pushing at least eighty gave me a kind, understanding nod. “I’ll pour the coffee, dear. He’ll be right as rain in twenty minutes. You go on. We know how to deal with him.”

I didn’t have time to consider how weird things were. I needed to get April to Katie. Jogging up the basement steps, I was starting to get winded. Who knew that getting married was so strenuous?

Rounding a corner and down the hall to me, bumping into my chest. She clung to my tux jacket, steadying herself. My arms circled around her and instinctively pulled her close. “We have to stop meeting this way.”

“Grant! He’s gone.” Panic seeped into her voice. Her eyes were wide, and her skin clammy where my hands touched her.

She didn’t need to say anymore. We had to find Mr. Reynolds -- now. I smoothed a strand of hair that’d fallen from her fancy hairstyle and tucked it behind her ear. “We’ll find him, April. You take the left, and I’ll take the right. Meet at the front doors.”

One curt nod of understanding, and she dashed from my embrace down the hall. I entered the main area of the church. A hundred or so guests where already starting to fill the white wooden pews. Darting down the right aisle, I kept my attention peeled for a man who didn’t look like he fit in.

I found April waiting for me when I reached the front doors. She practically vibrated with nerves like a wobbling plate of jelly. “Grant--”

“I know. I didn’t find him either.” My brain snapped into gear, suddenly remembering Katie. “We have to get you to Katie.”

My fingers linked with April’s. Warmth seeped from her slender fingers to mine. Opening the door to the bridal room, I stopped short. April bumped into my back, and I tried to make sense of the scene.

“Mr. Reynolds!” April voice seemed three octaves too high, bordering on something only dogs in the neighboring town could hear.

Katie’s eyes shot up to mine. Fat tears brimmed over the edge of her smokey eyes, cutting a damp trail through her makeup. Anger boiled in the pity of my stomach. “Get away from her.”

April pushed forward and came between me, Katie and Mr. Reynolds. “Stop. Stay back.”

It took me a second to realize she was talking to me. I clenched and unclenched my fists, trying to figure out why I shouldn’t clobber the man that was ruining Katie’s wedding day.

April put one hand on my chest, pulling my attention to her. Two warm eyes glowed up at me. Concern and understanding etched on her face. “Grant, can you go get Jeff?”

I looked over at Katie, another tear slipped down her cheek. Mr. Reynolds stood tightly pressed against the corner wall. He resembled a petrified mouse trapped by a cat. I didn’t understand the situation or the vibes in the room. My head tried to make sense of April’s protective posture, Mr Reynolds’ scared cower, and Katie’s tortured face.

“Please, Grant, trust me.” April’s voice poured over me like a sip from an expensive twenty year old scotch. She leaned in close, pressing herself against my chest; a look of pleading crested her cute face, her mouth pinched.

I lowered my head and captured her lips. In that second, this crazy day melted away and only April and I existed. Without hesitation, she kissed me back. Her lips welcomed mine, and encouraged me to deepen our embrace. Electricity melted us together, and I mustered all my self-control to finally pull away. Her chest raised and fell like my own, trying to catch our breath. I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I gave her a wink-- a promise to continue later-- and rushed from the room.

I returned with Jeff on my heels, and Katie ran into Jeff’s arms immediately. She moved with the speed of an Olympic racer, nothing but a ball of white lace sprinting across the room.

“Why didn’t you tell me about your father?” She asked.

He hugged his beautiful bride to be, tears threatening in his own eyes. Jeff’s attention focused on the man, still pressed against the wall.
His voice was low and strained. “I didn’t know how to tell you.”

April came to stand beside me, and I sensed she felt as awkward as I did. I was unsure how to help the situation, but didn’t dare to leave.

“Your dad would like to stay and attend the ceremony. I’d like that too.” Katie grasped Jeff’s hands.

“You would? Be he’s…sensitive. He thinks he’s married to you.”

Katie nodded, her pretty face shining up at her groom. “It was a misunderstanding. Isn’t that right, Douglas?”

For the first time, the man in the corner spoke; his aged voice had a childish pitch to it. “She looks so much like your mother.”

“Yes, Douglas. I look like your late-wife, but I’m not, right? I’m your soon to be daughter-in-law.”

Douglas nodded eagerly at Jeff. His entire face lit up with excitement. “Yes. There’s a wedding today. Yes. Yes.”

Katie turned her attention back to Jeff. “I think today would be even better if our parents, all of our parents, were here to celebrate with us.”

Jeff’s eyes misted over a little, not that I could blame him; I was fighting to swallow the lump in my own throat. Talk about Soap Opera family reunions. I stood back, my arms wrapped around April. She leaned into my chest and sniffled. The magic of this special day filled the room.

I’d failed at not letting Katie cry, but what wedding didn’t come with a few hiccups? In the end it was a stellar success. Jeff and Katie would have a beautiful wedding. Douglas Reynolds had a new daughter-in-law, and I had April. Yes, destiny promised a great day.

The End


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading Wedding Disaster.

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  3. Fun read, Kendal. Cute, with tension all the way.