Friday, June 4, 2010

Finding Time to Write

It is the struggle that we all face. How do you juggle life, work (if you are like most writers and have a primary day job) and writing? For me, I have been debating this question a lot lately. In May, I left my full time employer to start a new home based business with the goal (or hope) of being able to write more.

A month has come and gone and I have written nothing. I have made great headway with the new business but I am not feeling satisfied. Writing has once again taken a backseat to the other things I have on my plate. So what can I do about it?

Easy. I can trust myself and my dreams and actually put the time in to make them come true. Gosh, it sounds so simple when I actually write it down.

So starting Monday, I am going to write. Each and every day. I will be positng an online journal here on this blog, not so much for my readers to follow but so I have accountablity for my actions. I know the month of June will be a difficult one to meet my goal since I have a 3 day wedding, a mini vay-kay planned, and of course - hours and hours (and hours) of setup time on my new business. But regardless of all those, I will write. From June 7th to July 5th - 4 weeks (29 days) - I committ myself to writing 25 of those days and posting on this blog 25 times.

On another note, I have joined Excerpt Mondays! Coming Monday, June 28th we are having FULL FREE Reads!


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