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December's Excerpt Monday - Treasure Chest erotica

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Please enjoy the beginning of my newest erotica novel: Treasure Chest. This is the first scene. It is short, but hopefully enjoyable for you :) I will post the rest of chapter one (where Regan confronts Lanie for her 'gift' and attends a sex toy party!) in January. Cheers! Kendal

Chapter One

Somewhere between dessert and my second glass of chardonnay I realized my date was a male prostitute. Lanie was dead. So fucking dead.

I sipped my wine, and tried not to choke on the realization that my so called best friend had set me up. It gave new insight into her “Ken’s guaranteed to show you a good time” comment. My knuckles ached from the fist I had clenched in my lap.

“So Ken, what exactly is it you do for a living?” I tilted my head to the side, still clinging to the faint hope that the cute, intelligent, oh-so-charming man who’s sole attention was focused on me, little old me, wasn’t a stud for hire.

He leaned back in the plush leather chair of the bar lounge, a dimple indented his cheek when he flashed me a pearly white grin. “A little of this and a lot of that.”

“That’s vague.” I muttered, downing the last mouthful of the sweet, tart wine. Tension coiled in my stomach as I debated in my head how horrible it would be to take advantage of the situation. Is it even possible to take advantage of a prostitute? Judging by the expensive material of Ken’s suit, and the way his dress shirt clung to his taunt chest, he was very good at “A little of this and a lot of that”. Too bad Lanie wasted her money.

“And what is it you do, Regan?”

I almost snorted, but coughed to cover it up. Yeah, like I was going to tell him about my midnight shifts at Dunkin Donuts. But it hadn’t always been Grande Venti and almond biscottis. Not that long ago I’d had a career. But then I became the “other woman” and had to quit. “I’m in school taking Message Therapy.”

One eyebrow cocked high on his forehead. Right, like he had a right to give me that sly look. Hello? You have sex for money, bud.

“I’ve been complimented on my talented fingers in the past. Maybe I could show you.” His hand stretched across the table and one finger stroked over my knuckles still clutching the empty wine glass. I giggled and he smiled. Oops. How cute. He actually thought that line would work.
I gingerly pulled my hand away and glanced at my watch. “Sorry, but I really need to get going. I told the babysitter I’d be home by ten.”

His hand retreated, “You have kids?”

“A boy.” I resisted the urge to pull out my wallet and show off pictures of Lucas. I’d just gotten the pictures back from his first birthday party, and nothing was cuter than a baby covered in head to toe chocolate cake. I pushed my chair back and Ken followed suit. His prep school good looks reminded me of the doll I use to play with as a kid. But I bet, unlike Barbie’s boyfriend, this Ken actually was atomically correct and all his bits were in fine working order. A sigh bubbled up and parted my lips. Too bad I wasn’t the kind of girl to enjoy Lanie’s gift because I needed to get laid in a bad way.


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Introducing Dallas Marie!

Hello all my friends! I'd like to introduce my beautiful niece, Dallas Marie!

Dallas is in grade 3 and together we are going to write a story to be posted here on my blog. Watch for this new story in 2010 (maybe there will be 2 stories if the muses allow!). She is very interested in what I do as a career and I thought this would be a great place for her to learn.


Kendal & Dallas

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Excerpt Monday November - Trinity chapter one

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I didn’t wear mascara to my brother’s funeral. I’d learn that lesson last year at Mom and Dad’s when I looked like a psychotic racoon within minutes of the service starting.

Not that it would matter. For some reason I hadn’t cried yet over Sam’s death. Liv thought I was still in shock over his so-called suicide, but I think it’s because I’m too pissed off to grieve for him.

Suicide? Yeah, right. I squinted as a streak of bright sunlight gleamed off the mahogany coffin and blinded me. I slid the sunglasses clutched in my hand on. God, it must be hot inside the coffin.

Behind the safety of the dark tinted lenses, my attention drifted over the crowded service. The minister spoke in his monotone voice, leading us all by the hand down memory lane and through what was supposed to be happier times. For me they were nothing more than fated dreams never to be experienced again. As my concentration floated back and forth between his words and watching the crowd, I realized he didn’t talk about Mom and Dad. Or about Sam’s death. Suicide wasn’t a hot topic these days for the man of cloth. Not that I minded, since I know Sam didn’t kill himself. I know he wouldn’t have committed suicide.

Some of the faces next to me I recognized, having seen them only last year. What’s the expression? Funerals and weddings will keep a family together. I covered my mouth at the accidental snort with a sniff. No one would mind if I cried. God, I wish I would. Sam deserved that from me. What kind of big sister was I if I didn’t become hysterical and wail with a broken heart over the loss of my brother? It was what everyone was waiting for, wasn’t it? For me to break down and lose it. It was like they were all waiting for me to realize I was burying the last member of my family. Like I didn’t already know that, geniuses.

My lack of emotions were the reason Liv and Josh had stayed glued to my side for the last four days. As if on cue, Josh’s heavy arm wrapped around my shoulder and pulled me closer to him. A sigh I’d been holding in rattled from my chest, and I tucked into his warmth. Liv’s hand stroked down my back, in a gesture I’d seen her do over and over with their cat Harold. The realization that she was patting me made me smile. But I sniffled again to wipe the smile away. How freaking inappropriate could I be?

Tucked into Josh’s shoulder, and with Liv flanking me, my eyes wandered from face to face. Some people stared at the coffin, glassy eyes overflowing with unshed tears, while others focused on the Minister, letting his words guide them through the service. A few darted quick glances my way, probably to see if I’d lost it yet. Cousins, aunt, uncles, people I didn’t know, and a few kids from Sam’s school gathered on this cool November morning to show respect to me and my brother.

Funny how no girls from Trinity Prep had attended. Not that I thought Sam was much of a ladies’ man. My brother had been tall and lanky, and had way too much success with computer hacking to bother with girls. But at sixteen, I figured he might have started dating soon. Another sigh rolled from my parted lips. Sam would never date; just like he’d never do hundreds of other things. Like go to college, meet a girl he could fall puppy dog in love with, or see the castles in Europe he always talked about. Great. All those extra shifts at Tim Hortins’ I’d been working to put money aside so we could go to England as a grad trip in two years was wasted.

A guy standing at the edge of the crowd drew my attention. He looked up from the compact earth and I saw that his dark hair matched his chocolate colored eyes. His hands were shoved into the front pockets of his pants, his posture was stiff and uncomfortable. So the guy didn’t like funerals. Big surprise. But he looked familiar and something pulled at my gut as my brain tried to remember where I’d seen him. He looked too old to be a student at Trinity -- closer to my age or maybe a year or two older. If he was in his early twenties, where would Sam have known him from? I’d be shocked if he was a teacher. Why the hell didn’t teachers look like him when I was in school? I might have actually attended class more if I had him to look at every day.

A sandy hair boy looked up and whispered something to the guy and a memory slapped me across the face when I studied the younger boy. Sam’s roommate. Calvin? Cooper? Something with a C. I’d only met him once when I dropped off Sam’s stuff at the beginning of the school year.

Liv nudged me, and I pulled my attention off the two guys standing across from my brother’s casket. I took the daisy she handed me and stepped forward. Poor Sam. He deserved to live. My eyes tingled with unshed tears and I squinted my eyes, hoping the tears would finally seep out. But they didn’t and the tingling faded.

I kissed the soft petals of the pure white daisy. The petals brushed against my lips like feathers used by a teasing lover. My hand shook slightly when I placed the flower on top of the polished wood.

Goodbye, Sam.

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Holiday Full Free Read

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Welcome to the special Halloween Full Reads for Excerpt Monday. This month, in addition to our typical excerpt week, we're having a week of full stories written by several fabulous EM writers.
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Please enjoy: Trick or Treat, Slap a Creep - my Hallowe'en young adult short about a date gone wrong.

Trick or Treat, Slap a Creep
By Kendal Ashby

Another scream pierced the night air, followed by the loud screech of a chainsaw. I wrapped my arms around my waist, trying to force my body to stop shaking. I hated scary stuff and that included scary movies and going to Horror Houses.

“He’s cute, huh?” Beside me, my friend pinched my arm, pulling my attention from the looming two-storey mansion in front of us.

My eyes drifted from the Horror House, over toward my date standing in the ticket line ahead of us with Amber’s boyfriend Keith. I shrugged my shoulders and rubbed the red welt from Amber’s pinch. Sure he was cute, I mean, hello, I’ve always been a sucker for the jock type. And Carl did the super cool basketball star better than Zac Efron. He didn’t go to our school, but I’d put money on the fact he played on a sports team at Trinity Prep. I couldn’t deny that my heart skipped a beat when he turned his charming smile on me. I mean come on, the boy had dimples and I’d always been a sucker for them.

“I don’t get his costume though,” Amber whispered.

I did a once over of Carl’s profile, taking in the loose fitting dress pants, crisp white collared shirt and oversize gift tag hanging from his neck; “To Women, from God.” I snorted, but covered it with a giggle. “He’s God’s gift to women.”

Amber’s mouth fell open and a glint of horror flashed in her eyes before a smile cracked her lips. “He’s either very witty or extremely arrogant.”

“The jury’s still out on that one.” I glanced down at my own costume wondering if anyone understood the Astroturf wrapped around my shoes and body, my green dress and the pink flamingo pinned to my shoulder. Amber thought dressing up like a lawn was lame, but I liked it so too freaking bad.

A chill slid over my skin, goosebumps raising the small hairs on the back of my neck as someone’s scream echoed deep in the belly of the house. It was as though an ice cube had melted down my back. A masculine laugh vibrated next to me and my eyes snapped up to Carl standing beside me. “You look scared to death, Jaclyn, and we aren’t even inside yet. Chickening out, babe?”

“No.” I wanted to say yes. Would I come off like a complete wimp? I gritted my teeth together and forced a smile. “I’m in.”

“If you’d rather skip it, I’m sure we could find something else to amuse ourselves with until Keith and Alice are done.”

“Amber.” I corrected him, not really sure I liked the suggestive tone of “something else”.

He grinned down at me and squinted one eye shut in what I guessed was a wink. He swung an arm over my shoulder and pulled me close to his side. I strained to not cough as a strong whiff of cologne penetrated my nostrils.

Our foursome moved forward in line, inching our way closer to the ticket booth. I gave the booth a fleeting look and my eyes locked with the guy sitting on a stool collecting money. His brown eyes almost glowed in the setting sunlight, glinting with a hint of gold. The tight line of his lips betrayed the humour I thought I saw reflecting in his eyes. His coffee brown hair brushed the collar of his black long sleeve hoodie, giving him a shaggy dog look. One eyebrow arched high in question, almost in a challenge. Heat flushed up my neck and my cheeks tingled. I quickly turned away from Shaggy.

The arm draped over my shoulder slid low around my waist, hovering inches about my Astroturf ass. My spine snapped rim-rod straight and I glanced at Amber for help, but her tongue was currently shoved down Keith’s throat. I almost choked, feeling panic claw at my throat when Carl’s hand moved lower to rest on my butt cheek.


Amber and Keith stopped their groping and turned to Shaggy. “Four tickets please.”

Shaggy took Keith’s money, but his attention kept drifting to me. Creepy Carl’s hand gripped a bit of my turf and I jumped, moving a few inches forward and away from his touch.

A hyper bundle of black hopped into the ticket booth behind Shaggy. “Time to switch, Dude.”

I kept my eyes cast down at the hard ground, but watched as Shaggy traded places with his co-worker through my thick eyelashes. He looked back at me, hesitating for a moment before pulling open a side door and disappearing.

“This is going to be great,” Keith said, pulling Amber close to him. “I hear over a thousand people chickened out last year.”

Given half a chance I’d gladly be on that list this year. I looked wearily at the house. The blacked out windows stared at me, sending a violent shiver of dread shooting through my body.
The fast, hard rap of my heart against my ribs seemed to be a message of warning.

“Just stick close to me and you’ll be fine.” Carl whispered in my ear, his hot breath blanketing me and did nothing to calm the wave of horror flooding my body.

Keith handed out the tickets and gestured for us to move up onto the porch and wait at the front door. The wooden steps groaned under our weight and a voice boomed over a hidden speaker. “Welcome to Cardin’s Haunted house of Nightmares. Once you pass through this door you’re mine, so if you’re going to chicken out, do it now. Otherwise prepare to experience fright like never before.” An evil throaty laugh crackled, and the floorboards vibrated under my feet. I jumped and clung to the nearest person to me -- Creepy Carl. His arms circled around my waist and held me close. He snickered and I resisted the urge to hit him. I gave a pleading look at Amber, but she seemed to be enjoying Keith’s attention.

The front door scraped open and a long bony finger reached out and crooked back, gesturing us to enter. To hell with it. If I was going to be on edge it might as well be from the horror house and not my date. I pushed past Carl and entered the dark foyer. A cracked mirror hung on the wall with tacky blood red velvet wallpaper. The mirror fogged up, distorting my image and like a ghost was writing in the fog, the words “Get Out” appeared. The sinister fun house trick did its job in freaking me out, but I refused to cling to Carl no matter what twisted and sick things this house contained.

I narrowed my eyes and looked behind me at Amber. She shrugged her shoulders and gave me a thumbs up sign. This date sucked. Carl lingered too close for comfort, making my skin crawl like a thousand ticks were latching onto me. When his hand rested at the small of my back, I moved forward, following the arrow leading to the winding staircase. Cobwebs clung to the walls and fake plastic spiders the size of my fist were weaved in the sticky webs. Something scurried across a step and I bit back a scream. Amber sobbed and grabbed Keith, wailing how frightened she was.

I tried hard to ignore the jerks behind me, especially the one groping my backside, and kept my attention focused on the doorway looming at the top of the staircase. Blood pounded in my ears so loudly it almost blocked out the eerie sounds filtering through the rest of the house. Somewhere below me a chainsaw ripped to life and screams filtered through the entire building.
I struggled to mentally draw a floor plan, remembering we where we’d been and where that chainsaw might be. I swallowed pass the lump of fear lodged in my throat and looked at the darkened doorway in front of me. Sweat prickled at the edge of my hairline, but I refused to wipe it away.

“Which way do we go now?” Amber asked eyeing the four doors leading off the hallway.

“You guys go in that one and we’ll go here. See you at the end...if you make it out alive.”
Keith’s attempt at a disturbing laugh was spine-chilling as he tugged Amber down the hallway and disappeared into one of the open doors. I couldn’t stop the shudder as I stared into the void of blackness in front of me.

“Frightened?” Humour laced Carl’s voice as he whispered the question in my ear. “Remember, I’m here to protect you.” His hands circled around my waist and he pulled me back against his body.

I tried to step away but he didn’t get the hint and stepped forward with me. I sighed and said, “I’m good.”

“Are you sure, babe?” His suggestive purr and wandering hands were starting to really piss me off.

“Look jerk, back off,” I hissed the words between clenched teeth and pulled away creating a barrier with my raised palms. A look of shock followed quickly by disgust flashed across his face and I didn’t give a flying fuck if God’s gift to women didn’t want a second date.

“Fine. Good luck getting out of here by yourself.” Anger blazed in his clear blue eyes like flames from a gas burner. He turned and stomped away from me, disappearing into one of the doorways. A mixture of relief and panic collided together in a cold sweat within me.

A menacing howl followed by shrieks came through the walls and I twisted on one foot, looking behind me. My heart hammered inside my chest, beating so fast it was painful against my ribcage. I stepped into the room, letting the dark swallow me. My eyes strained to adjust until I could finally make the outline of two bodies sitting on a parlour couch. As my vision got accustomed to the dim light, I could see the bloody scene laid out before me. Mannequins. Blood stained the walls, looking like something out of a T.V. crime scene show. I never miss an episode of Dexter and I bet he would have a freaking hay day with the blood splatter patterns in this room.

If I had half a brain cell I’d turn around, go back down the stairs, exit the front door, text Amber goodbye and call mom to come pick me up. But something burned in my gut, making me take another step into the gruesome room. I hated to be challenged, and Creepy Carl had basically called me a coward.

I studied the scene of blood and guts meticulously set up. The fake blood glistened in the dim light, giving the illusion of being fresh. The woman’s head rested at a broken angle, her glassy dead eyes staring at me. I fought the shiver that rippled through my body, and managed to suppress it. I moved through the room to the door behind the repugnant scene. It’s all fake, I repeated over and over in my head, just some lame horror house tricks meant to freak idiots like me who paid for cheap thrills.

The door creaked open and a rumble of maniacal laughter erupted. I paused, my feet not wanting to move forward. Sucking in air between clenched teeth, my eyes darted left and right, straining to see into the dim corners. Black curtains draped along the wall, rippling with movement. I had to walk by. I stopped and stared at them, but my oversaturated brain was so hopped up on adrenaline that I was pretty sure I’d imagined the movement. My jaw ached from grinding my teeth together, so I tried to relax and calm my racing pulse. Nothing in here would hurt me.

A bat swooped down and brushed the top of my hair. My lungs burned from the loud scream that ripped from my throat. I ducked and covered my head, cowering on the floor. My eyes darted wildly around the room searching for that rabid infested flying rat.

The “bat” hung loosely on a string, swaying back and forth. I stood up and flicked the rubber toy away, making a mental note to kill Amber later.

I couldn’t help but giggle a little, and it came out as a nervous hiccup, verging on a snort. I walked a few more feet into the room, eyeing the exit on the opposite side. Time to pick up the pace and get out of this fun house for freaks.

A second bat swung down inches from my face, but I ignored it. Fool me once...

A hand reached out and grabbed my shoulder. Everything rushed together at once. My scream was covered by a chainsaw’s wailing on the floor below me. I pivoted and landed a knee in the jackass’ groin. Creepy Carl fell to the ground clutching his damaged privates and I couldn’t help but smile. This jerk needed to learn to keep his hands to himself.

“I told you to leave me alone, you jerk.”

He grunted and raised a hand in protest. Maybe he thought I was going to hit him again. I smiled at the thought. But something wasn’t right. Carl wasn’t wearing a black shirt. I leaned closer and saw the dark shaggy hair now. Oh. My. God.

“Are you okay?” I crouched on the ground beside Shaggy from the ticket booth. “I’m so sorry!”

He wheezed a ragged breath and tried to smile up at me, but it came out more like a crooked grin of pain. “Job hazard. I’ve been punched out by a three hundred pound guy before for touching his arm.” He sucked in air and struggled to his feet.

“Sorry, I thought you were my date.” Part of me felt guilty -- a small part -- the guy still tried to grab me. But I guess he was only doing his job.

His dark eyes glimmered with humour. “Is this the way you treat all your dates?”

I smiled, “Only the ones that try to grope me without permission.”

He nodded and a small smile tugged his lips upward. The stairs squeaked from the hallway behind us and a guy and girl argued loudly. Apparently someone else wasn’t impressed with a haunted house as a great date night. “Hide here. Looks like my next victims are coming.”

Shaggy pushed me behind the black curtain and pulled two strings taunt against his chest. We stood with our backs to the wall and our shoulder brushing each other. “I’ll get you out of here as soon as these guys pass through, okay? But stay quiet while I do my thing.”

“Your thing?” I covered my mouth to muffle a giggle. He winked at me, before pressing a finger to his lip signalling for me to remain quiet. He adjusted his tight grip on the strings and we waited.

Our “victims” tiptoed into the room, the floorboard sighing under the new weight.

“You go first.” A female voice whispered. Someone exhaled noisily as the two crept further into the room.

Shaggy let go of one of the strings and a blood curdling screams echoed in the room.

“What?” The guy’s voice pitched high with fear.

“Something flew by me!”

The guy laughed and I had to wrap my arms around my waist to stop from erupting in a fit of laughter. Shaggy leaned over and put a hand over my mouth. He whispered an inch from my ear, “Wait here, but don’t laugh and ruin it.”

I nodded and he removed his hand at the same time he released the second string.

Curse words broke the silence as the guy frantically swiped away the flying toy that buzzed his head. Shaggy reached out from our hiding place and a girlish shriek pierced my ear drums.

I shook, trying to not to make a sound, but the second the guy and girl bolted from the room I collapsed behind the curtain in a fit of hysterical laughter.

“Pretty cool, huh?” Shaggy’s smile was so wide it showed his pearly white molars.

“Only if you aren’t on the receiving end,” I muttered as I managed to catch my breath and looked around the room. It really wasn’t all that scary. My attention drifted back to Shaggy when I felt his eyes on me.

A dim light filtered through the curtain and I saw his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed. He hesitated before saying, “Come on, I’ll show you out.”

I nodded and I felt a flush of disappointment. We stood up and he pushed opened a panel behind the black curtain I hadn’t noticed before. A set of stairs lead down to the main floor, and even though the stairs were narrow, they were well lit. Shaggy paused on the landing to the main floor. “Do you want to see something?”

“Sure.” I shrugged, not really eager to end our time together yet. Something about the way his chocolate brown eyes watched me, made me melt a bit.

He flicked a light switch and the staircase plunged into darkness. I instinctively reached out to grab the handrail but found his arm instead. He gently guided me toward him and my heart pounded like a steel drum in my ears. He placed me in front of him, facing me toward the wall.
“Remember to be quiet.”

His whispered warning sent a chill of anxiety through my entire body, but it wasn’t the same kind of on-guard warning bells Creepy Carl evoked in me. Shaggy leaned forward and touched the wall. A panel slide silently to the side and I got a view of a small parlor furnished in old Victorian style.

“Do you see that rat on the ground near the door?” His breath blanketed my neck.

I slowly bobbed my head, my ear brushing his hair as it fell forward while he leaned over me. I wasn’t sure I could speak with his body so close to mine.

“Next person to walk through the door, press this button.” His hand covered mine and guided it to a switch on the wall beside us. He left his warm hand placed over mine, and butterflies tickled the inside of my stomach.

We waited in silence, knowing our next victim would be along any second. I tried to focus on the room but couldn’t stop thinking about the cute guy leaning only inches away from me. Or about his long fingers that rested on top of mine, or how when he shifted he brushed against my Astroturf. Oh God, maybe being a lawn was lame.

“Here they come,” he whispered.

And by “they” he meant him. Creepy Carl sauntered into the room, bitter disgust distorting the face I once thought handsome. He started to cross the room and I felt Shaggy’s hand guide my fingers to flick the switch. The rat moved forward and almost tripped Carl. He jumped back and gasped, but never really lost his composure as the rat disappeared under the couch across the walkway. Disappointment flooded through me.

“Try this one when I say to.”

I nodded, letting his hand move mine down to a button mounted below the switch. We watched in silence, only our shallow breathing in the darkened stairwell making a sound. Carl neared a closed door and I took fleeting pleasure when his hand paused for a second on the door.

He twisted the doorknob and slowly pulled it open.


I slammed my palm into the button and a chainsaw ripped to life, its metal teeth grinding loudly. Carl jumped six feet back and screamed louder than any teenage girl I’d ever heard. The chainsaw revved its motor when I smashed the button again. Curse words flowed out, mixed with sobs of panic and he bolted from the room.

I fell back against Shaggy, my knees weakened with uncontrollable laughing. Shaggy laughed behind me, and his closeness vibrated through his chest and into my body. Tears pooled at the corner of my eyes, and I swiped them away.

“He...he” I could hardly breathe, let alone speak. I gulped in massive amounts of air, trying to gain control, but when I turned to look at Shaggy, his expression sent me off on another bout of giggles.

“If you ever need a job, I think we can arrange something.” Shaggy said, a playful grin lifting the corners of his lips.

“I’d settle for a date.” I wanted to smack my head against the wall the second I realized what I’d said. Holy mother of God! Heat flooded across my face and I was sure I was turning five shades of embarrassed. “I, uhm, should go.”

I pushed away from the wall needing to escape, but Shaggy caught my arm. I stopped and his fingers lingered, sending little ripples of excitement through me, mixing with my burning humiliation.

“Are you free tomorrow night?”

My mouth dropped open and I forced it to close as I bobbed my head up and down. He pulled out his cell phone and we exchanged information. Vince. Yeah, he reminded me of a Vince.

“I have to get back to work but I’ll pick you up tomorrow at seven. We can go see the new Halloween movie if you want.” He said as we emerged from the hidden staircase to the outside. Fresh, crisp air tingled against my hot skin. “But I hear it’s really scary. If you would rather pass, we could do something else.”

I knew I was grinning like a fool, but I couldn’t contain the smile forcing itself on my lips. “Nope, I love scary things.”

The End

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Excerpt Monday Virgin!

Once a month, a bunch of authors get together and post excerpts from published books, contracted work or works in progress, and link to each other. You don’t have to be published to participate–just an writer with an excerpt you’d like to share. For more info on how to participate, head over to the EXCERPT MONDAYS

CHASING SUNRISE - Available now!

Chapter One

Megan Chase scrunched her feet in the blazing sand. The small grains filtered between her toes, and the heavy tension usually knotting her shoulders started to seep away.

“This is the life.” Sadie Cardwell sighed and leaned back in a plastic lounge chair. “Thanks for inviting me, Meg. A week in the sun is exactly what we both need.”

Megan sipped her frozen cocktail of fruity pineapple and sweet strawberries. “Yeah, well, you can thank Mr. Jerkins. It’s his penny that got me this trip.”

“Here’s to the world’s best boss. Unlike the toad I work for.” Her friend lifted her wine glass up in a toast, and Megan bit back a bitter comment. She’d been careful so far not to spoil their trip by telling Sadie the real circumstances that had led to a week’s paid vacation at an all inclusive Caribbean resort.

“Holy crap, look at that guy!” Sadie bolted upright in her chair like ice water had splashed down her back. Megan turned her attention to the edge of the surf and watched two men toss a Frisbee. The blond guy tossed the disc high, forcing his friend to dodge into the thigh high waves. He made a valiant jump into the air as he plunged into the water. He emerged from the foamy waves, his hand grasping the red toy. Water glistened on his bare chest and flowed off his almost black hair in streams. A broad grin stretched across a face that could rival a Roman god. Even from this distance, she could see two dimples pinching his cheeks where his smile curved upward.

“He’s freaking gorgeous.”

Megan pulled her attention off the eye candy and looked at her friend. She knew that voice. “Sadie, don’t.”

An all too familiar twinkle lit Sadie’s eyes. “Meg, loosen up. We’re on vacation. Remember, you promised no dieting? Well, that guy is a treat I want to sink my teeth into.”

For a fleeting moment, a twinge of jealousy pooled in Megan’s stomach. Sadie always got what she wanted in the end. She had a “go out and get it” kind of attitude that men found irresistible. No one would ever call her beautiful by society’s tall, leggy, stick-figure standards, but her confidence and personality shone through on her pixie shaped face. Men tripped over their own feet to please her.

Megan glanced toward the two guys goofing around. The Roman god wouldn’t see Sadie coming; no one ever did.

“You go have fun. I’ve got my book.” Megan half-heartedly held up the phonebook thick novel sitting in her lap.

“You sure?”

“Yup.” Megan thumbed through the book to the dog-eared page marking where she’d left off. “Already reading.”

Sadie bounced off her chair and tossed her cover up to the ground. “I won’t be long.”

“Yeah, right,” Megan whispered to herself as she tried to concentrate on the page in front of her. She’d be lucky if she saw Sadie again today. Oh well, the book was just starting to get good anyway.
* * * *

Keith Gates tossed the Frisbee to Doug just as a petite blonde with boundless curls trotted toward his friend. One hour. They’d been at the resort one freaking hour, and already a woman was fluttering around Doug. The blonde’s smile shone as bright as the Caribbean sun. The man never ceased to amaze him. A few minutes passed, and it became apparent Doug had no intention of throwing the Frisbee back. Great. Just great. Placing a well practiced smile on his face, he approached the two of them.

“Hey, Keith. Oh, sorry man, I forgot about our game. Oh well, I was winning anyway. This is Sadie.” Doug nodded toward the blonde, a sheepish grin on his face.

“Nice to meet you, Keith. I hear congratulations are in order.”


“So what do you two have planned for your week long bachelor party? God, don’t say hookers. That’s just tacky. Strippers are much more P.C.” She scrunched her button nose.

“No hookers or strippers for straight laced Keith. Just some guy time, boogie boarding, golfing, and good old sight seeing. Ain’t that right buddy?”

“Della’s your sister, man. Have some respect.”

Doug’s head tossed back in a deep, throaty laugh. “Lighten up, Keith. Della’s the one who planned this trip. She gave me very clear instructions that what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico.”

Keith shot Doug a look that could kill. What the hell was his issue? Maybe he’d change his tune if he knew why his sister was so open to him having an affair. Trying to change the subject, he said, “So where are you from, Sadie?”

“We’re from Seattle.”

“We?” Doug’s attention turned to the pretty blonde, a hint of concern edging his voice.

“Oh, I’m here with my friend Meg. She’s up there.” Sadie hitched a thumb over her shoulder toward the lounge chair area. A lone woman sat reading a book,her chocolate hair piled high on her head, dark sunglasses concealing her face. Her figure was hidden behind a cumbersome cover up, but two long legs stretched out over the length of the chair. Her ankles crossed in a picture of complete relaxation. She could be an ad for a travel magazine. By the time he turned his attention back to Doug and Sadie, they were in full flirt mode.

“A personal trainer, huh? That explains your killer body.”

Sadie giggled at Doug’s lame line, and Keith rolled his eyes.

“I’m heading back to the room. I need to take a shower. I’ll see you later, Doug. It was nice to meet you, Sadie.”

“You sure, buddy?” Doug’s gaze never left Sadie’s upturned face.

“Hey, no problem. I want to check my emails and unpack. I’ll see you for dinner.”

Sadie’s golden curls swayed when she turned to look at him. “Are you guys free for dinner?”

“Of course. How about you and your friend join us? We were going to hit the buffet, but we can go to one of the culinary sit down restaurants on site,” Doug said.

“No, the buffet here is amazing. It sounds perfect. I’m sure Meg’s okay with anything.”

Memories of college crept into Keith’s mind. Back then he’d been a third wheel on many occasions. It was a common Friday night routine for Keith to return from the bar alone when Doug’s good looks drew attention from whatever walking set of headlights and pouty lip combo showed him interest. For the first time he really looked Sadie over. She wasn’t Doug’s usual type, but his friend seemed completely intrigued by the petite blonde. Clearing his throat, he started to back away. “Okay, kids, guess I’ll just catch up with you at dinner.”

“Sure, man. See you back at the room in a bit.”

“Bye, Keith.” Sadie’s impossibly wide smile spread across her entire face. He couldn’t help but like her.

He left and trotted up the beach heading to the stairs leading to the individual
cabana bungalows. When he neared Sadie’s friend, he slowed down. His gaze started at the tips of her painted toes and wandered up her smooth, long legs. The cover up hid the bulk of her figure, but her face almost made him stop. She seemed consumed in the novel she was reading; the pink tip of her tongue sneaked out and licked her lips back and forth. He wondered what color her eyes were and imagined they could be a warm brown to match the chocolate tones in her hair.

He continued to the footpath leading to the cluster of tropical white and aqua blue painted bungalows, and his mind drifted to Della. Two questions he’d been wrestling with for the past three weeks plagued his thoughts. Did he love her?

Maybe, but was it enough to marry her?

Uncertainty ate at the lining of his stomach. So much could change in three weeks. And now he was stuck here, at a beautiful tropical resort with his best friend, on a trip that his fiancée arranged in hopes of evening the score between them. More like easing her own guilt, he thought as he slid the card into the electronic reader. One way or another, he was determined to use this week to figure out where his life was heading when he got home.

I hope you enjoyed this section of Chasing Sunrise! Leave a post and you'll automatically be entered for my free e-book giveaways! (see post from October 6th for details!)


Links to other Excerpt Monday writersNote: I have not personally screened these excerpts. Please heed the ratings and be aware that the links may contain material that is not typical of my site.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My love - hate relationship

***Remember I am having a contest for 5 E-books until October 13th! -- All you have to do is leave a comment on any blog from October 6th to October 13th to enter the drawing***

Okay I`ll admit it. I HATE commas. There you go. My biggest friend-enemy is that tiny little half moon shaped thing that is used all over a document.

So this bring me to a book I recently was given to me called Grammar Girl`s Quick and Dirty Tops for Better Writing by Mignon Fogarty.

I started the book doubting it could actually help improve my comma usage. I was all over the place. One section I hardly put any commas in (which was incorrect) and another section I`d litter them in almost every sentence. I frustrated myself, not to mention my poor CPs. When I got this book I started at page one and was going to read through it from front to back, but I gave up on that and started flip-flopping back and forth in chapters because I knew some of the stuff already and only wanted to find out how to use the dreaded comma.

I found this book easy to read. The author gives realistic and funny examples on this rather boring topic. She covers so much material in the book that even though she doesn't go into overkill on any one subject, she does manage to get a lot of particial information into 224 pages. I recommand this book for anyone concerned about their own grammar.

I am always interested in reading and learning how to better my skills as a writer. If you have any "Must own" craft books, I'd love to hear about them! Please post a comment here with the book title and if you recommand it. (I am equally interested in hearing of any books that you feel are a waste of money!).


Monday, October 5, 2009

Blog contest! Win 5 e-books! Oct 6th to 13th

Welcome to my blog! Today is RELEASE DAY!

I am having a release party and you are invited! Leave a comment on any of my posts between today (October 6th) and the last day of the party (October 13th) and five winners will be drawn on the 13th.

Each day between now and October 13th I will be posting thoughts on writing life. Your comments are welcome!

What are the party favors? Here you go:

2 copies of Chasing Sunrise
1 copy of Room with a View
1 copy of Kissing the Sunrise
1 copy of Caught in the Act

Now for the legal mumbo jumbo: One prize per winner. Room with a View and Caught in the Act are erotica content and may not be suitable for all readers.

Good Luck!

Here is the link to Chasing Sunrise if you'd like more details!
CHASING SUNRISE - available now! Click HERE

Monday, September 7, 2009

I went on Vay-Kay and my muse came with me!

This long weekend I went on vacation for the first time this year (I count RWA Nations in July as a 'working vacation'). My husband (the man), mysef, and some friends went on our annual camping trip, but this year everything was different.
Why? Because I didn't leave my muse at home. Which is not a bad thing.
I found myself sitting around the camp fire, or lounging in the sun, or riding into town on the boat, and thinking about how I wanted to descirbe things on paper.
I looked at my two best friends and realized I want to write a story about our kind of friendship; the kind that only gets stronger as the years pass. I watched my husband laughing and joking with his friends and want to put little parts of him into every hero I write. I wanted to take the warm sun and the cold water and describe how they flow over me and make me feel like my skin is icy and on fire at the same time.
But most of all - I hope I remember to pack my laptop next year for our annual camping trip!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Goodbye August. Hello September!

Today marks the start of a new month. I love the beginning of a month. It feels like a new start. A time to review my progress from the month before and correct my course (9 times out of 10 this needs to be done!) and celebrate what I accomplished.

A review of August: The good and the bad.

I had two stories released!

1) Room with a View - Hot erotica.

Who knew baby making would become a chore? For the past year, Callie Malone’s sex life with her husband, Luke, has been rigorous, demanding, and boring. Determined to bring new excitement to her marriage, Callie pushes her comfort level to do things she’s never dreamed of doing. With the help of her friend and neighbor, Jillian, Callie puts on a show for Luke he'll never forget. Once she sheds her good girl behavior, she discovers being bad has never felt so good
Genre: Contemporary/Voyeuristic/Very Light F/F (petting only)Rating: SizzlingBook Length: MiniPrice: $1.99 with Freya's Bower. Link HERE.

2) Kissing the Sunrise - Sweet adult.

Grace Aldridge is ready to escape to a remote family cottage for some peaceful solitude. She wants to celebrate her one-year anniversary of being cancer free in private, giving her the time to reflect on her battle and her victory.
Crashing her car, spraining her ankle and getting lost in the dark forest were not part of her weekend plans. When Grace stumbles on to Jack Robert's campfire, the handsome stranger tries to make the best of a bad situation. Left with no other option, Grace has to rely on Jack for help.
Despite the awkward circumstances, can Grace let her guard down long enough to actually enjoy the turn of events? Link HERE

I wrote 10,000 words on a new Young Adult novel called Scavenger Hunt. It's not as much as I would have liked, but I always wrestle with beginnings. I am really enjoying this story. Karson and Regan are in for a wild night with tons of twists and turns. More details to follow soon.

I signed a contract with Freya's Bower for a new short sweet called Chasing Sunrise. Details to follow on release and blurb info, but here is an overview:
Megan Chase is vacationing at an all-inclusive Caribbean resort when her friend Sadie hits it off with another guest at the resort. Suddenly finding herself kicked out of her room, she spends the night in the hot tub and wandering the beach with a handsome stranger by her side.
Keith Gates’ best man Doug, has dragged him on a makeshift bachelor trip to the beachfront resort. Before he left home, Keith learns that his fiancée had been cheating on him and now faces the tough decision to forgive her or end the relationship. When Doug hooks up with Megan’s friend Sadie, Keith feels it’s his responsibility to entertain Megan for the night. As the night turns to early morning, Keith fights his growing attraction for Megan. Is their night together bad timing, or the clear sign he was hoping to find?
And perhaps some really big news about what happened in August: For the first time ever I submitted to agents! Three actually, and all three were requested from face-to-face pitches at RWAs Nationals in Washington, DC. I haven't heard anything back yet, but fingers crossed! I hope to hear something soon and in September I have a goal to submit to more agents. The submission is for Melody's Song, my first ever YA novel.
  • Write 20,000 on Scavenger Hunt
  • Submit to 10 YA agents
  • Plot a short ertoica: Treasure Chest
  • Blog twice a week here, and once a week on Romantic Inks

I hope you take the time today to reflect on where you have been and where you are going!