Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 1 of 29 Writing Journal

First day of my 4 week writing journal goal has gotten off to a bit of a rockie start. I left early this morning and traveled to my family's home for a visit. I love the long drive as I find I plot the best in that time. I set the cruise control, turn up the radio and let the wheels turn in my head while I plot.

The story I am working of for the month of June is called Scavenger Hunt. It is my contemporary YA and even though I am only at 16,000 so far with a goal of 50,000, I'm loving it! I hope to post excerpts throughout the month and if my plan stays solid, I might even get a synopsis put together. At the very least I'd like to have my tag line for the book ready :)

Tonight I had an assignment for my personal life. I am in a wedding party this weekend (hense why out of my 29 writing days I will be away for 3 of them and not able to write) and have been asked to write the centre piece giveaway game using the words LEFT, RIGHT and ACROSS. Everytime I say one of those words the prize is passed to the next person until the story is done and the last person holding the prize wins it!

This was a great way to get the juices flowing! I thought I'd post the story here for kicks. Now that my duties as a bridesmaid have been completed, I'm off to do some writing on Scavenger Hunt.

Everyone understands the rules, RIGHT? I said, everyone understands the rules, RIGHT?
Kelly and John meet at Camp Khalanie RIGHT before Labour Day in 2005. RIGHT from the start they had a chemistry no one could deny. From that weekend on, wherever Kelly was, John was RIGHT beside her.
Their relationship and passion grew quickly, and if LEFT no doubt to anyone that they were meant for each other. Within the first year, Kelly and John went ACROSS the ocean for a wedding and to spend a romantic week in Paris.
Something must have gone very RIGHT well halfway ACROSS the world because shortly after they returned they decided to move in together. Kelly LEFT Tottenham and John LEFT Pickering for their new home in Burlington.
Even though they were moving halfway ACROSS Ontario, it LEFT all of us wondering what would happen next.
The following year LEFT them with lots of happy memories and before we knew it, it was time for our annual camping trip back to Camp Khalanie. John had a huge surprise planned. John made the RIGHT decision and got down on his RIGHT knee and asked Kelly to marry him RIGHT where it all started.
Kelly jumping on the bridal train and started her search for the RIGHT dress, she LEFT no store unsearched and travelled ACROSS Toronto until she found the perfect one. Next they confirmed the RIGHT location and the RIGHT date.
All their hard work has paid off with this beautiful wedding we are so fortunate to be part of.
Just for fun though, pass once more to the LEFT. Now see, that was fun! RIGHT?
There really isn’t anything LEFT to say, so let’s enjoy the evening and celebrate the love between two people who are so RIGHT for each other. To Kelly and John (ring bell).

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