Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 3 of 29 Writing Journal

Today was almost a complete bust and for no reason! I had the day planned to just write. As always, other things cropped up. I did manage to crit 11 pages for a CP and we are meeting tonight to discuss the pages we have exchanged.

But seriously, where did the time go? I didn't surf as my internet was acting up, and yes I did work for my 'other' job...but 7 hours worth?

Finding a balance is going to be a challenge for me. Now that I am home full time with two careers on the go, I need to dedicate time for each. By the end of these 29 days I was hoping to have a near complete MS, but maybe I will have something of equal importance - an understanding on how I best work and how to time manage two at home careers.

I just looked at my break down of when I want things do be done. On July 26th I am going on a family vacation. So my goal is to take Scavenger Hunt and have first draft (35,000 K away) done by that day. That gives me 43 writing days to write 35,000 - given a buffer of 7 days for non-writing in those 43 days, that means I have to write 1,000 words a day starting this Monday (June 14th) to Sunday, July 25th. I always find breaking things down makes it seem more achievable!

Off I go to plot out the scene for tomorrow.



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