Friday, June 10, 2011

50% off this weekend!

Fire on the Water, my new suspense erotica is 50% off this weekend (June 10, 11 and 12th).

Here is the link:

Use the promo code: SCHOOLSOUT

Here is an excerpt from Fire on the Water:

“Cole?” I called out across the water, still unable to spot him. I bent
low to turn the radio off.

“Hey.” A deep, throaty voice said, only inches from my ears when I
stood back up.

A scream ripped from my throat, startled at Cole’s sudden
appearance. I twirled on my toes to give him shit for scaring me, but my
legs were weakened from my intense run earlier and failed me. My body
fell backward in slow motion and instantly Cole grabbed for me, his ice
blue eyes large with surprise. His arm extended out, but he missed and I
fell backward into the bay with a tremendous splash.

Cool water engulfed me, swallowing my body. I planted my feet on
the hard clay bottom and pushed up to the surface. Swiping away the
water running down my hair and over my face, I glared up at Cole. He
tossed his head back in a roar of laughter and I gritted my teeth until my
jaw ached.

“Not funny, Karson.”

“Depends if you’re dry or not, Rach.”

“I prefer to swim in a bathing suit, not fully clothed, thank you very

“Or naked.” Cole’s voice dipped low and the shiver that tingled
across my skin had nothing to do with the late summer temperature and
everything to do with the memory of Cole spying on my one and only
skinny-dipping adventure last summer. Apparently, wine has a tendency to
loosen my inhabitations a bit too much.