Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Goodbye August. Hello September!

Today marks the start of a new month. I love the beginning of a month. It feels like a new start. A time to review my progress from the month before and correct my course (9 times out of 10 this needs to be done!) and celebrate what I accomplished.

A review of August: The good and the bad.

I had two stories released!

1) Room with a View - Hot erotica.

Who knew baby making would become a chore? For the past year, Callie Malone’s sex life with her husband, Luke, has been rigorous, demanding, and boring. Determined to bring new excitement to her marriage, Callie pushes her comfort level to do things she’s never dreamed of doing. With the help of her friend and neighbor, Jillian, Callie puts on a show for Luke he'll never forget. Once she sheds her good girl behavior, she discovers being bad has never felt so good
Genre: Contemporary/Voyeuristic/Very Light F/F (petting only)Rating: SizzlingBook Length: MiniPrice: $1.99 with Freya's Bower. Link HERE.

2) Kissing the Sunrise - Sweet adult.

Grace Aldridge is ready to escape to a remote family cottage for some peaceful solitude. She wants to celebrate her one-year anniversary of being cancer free in private, giving her the time to reflect on her battle and her victory.
Crashing her car, spraining her ankle and getting lost in the dark forest were not part of her weekend plans. When Grace stumbles on to Jack Robert's campfire, the handsome stranger tries to make the best of a bad situation. Left with no other option, Grace has to rely on Jack for help.
Despite the awkward circumstances, can Grace let her guard down long enough to actually enjoy the turn of events? Link HERE

I wrote 10,000 words on a new Young Adult novel called Scavenger Hunt. It's not as much as I would have liked, but I always wrestle with beginnings. I am really enjoying this story. Karson and Regan are in for a wild night with tons of twists and turns. More details to follow soon.

I signed a contract with Freya's Bower for a new short sweet called Chasing Sunrise. Details to follow on release and blurb info, but here is an overview:
Megan Chase is vacationing at an all-inclusive Caribbean resort when her friend Sadie hits it off with another guest at the resort. Suddenly finding herself kicked out of her room, she spends the night in the hot tub and wandering the beach with a handsome stranger by her side.
Keith Gates’ best man Doug, has dragged him on a makeshift bachelor trip to the beachfront resort. Before he left home, Keith learns that his fiancĂ©e had been cheating on him and now faces the tough decision to forgive her or end the relationship. When Doug hooks up with Megan’s friend Sadie, Keith feels it’s his responsibility to entertain Megan for the night. As the night turns to early morning, Keith fights his growing attraction for Megan. Is their night together bad timing, or the clear sign he was hoping to find?
And perhaps some really big news about what happened in August: For the first time ever I submitted to agents! Three actually, and all three were requested from face-to-face pitches at RWAs Nationals in Washington, DC. I haven't heard anything back yet, but fingers crossed! I hope to hear something soon and in September I have a goal to submit to more agents. The submission is for Melody's Song, my first ever YA novel.
  • Write 20,000 on Scavenger Hunt
  • Submit to 10 YA agents
  • Plot a short ertoica: Treasure Chest
  • Blog twice a week here, and once a week on Romantic Inks

I hope you take the time today to reflect on where you have been and where you are going!




  1. Awesome new blog! Love your header! And you're right we all need to celebrate our accomplishments at the end of every month. I'm going to start today! (okay so I'm a day late... :)

  2. Thanks Ansha :) I plan to do a summary at the end of every month and maybe treat myself to a spa afternoon if I have earned it! lol