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CHASING SUNRISE - Available now!

Chapter One

Megan Chase scrunched her feet in the blazing sand. The small grains filtered between her toes, and the heavy tension usually knotting her shoulders started to seep away.

“This is the life.” Sadie Cardwell sighed and leaned back in a plastic lounge chair. “Thanks for inviting me, Meg. A week in the sun is exactly what we both need.”

Megan sipped her frozen cocktail of fruity pineapple and sweet strawberries. “Yeah, well, you can thank Mr. Jerkins. It’s his penny that got me this trip.”

“Here’s to the world’s best boss. Unlike the toad I work for.” Her friend lifted her wine glass up in a toast, and Megan bit back a bitter comment. She’d been careful so far not to spoil their trip by telling Sadie the real circumstances that had led to a week’s paid vacation at an all inclusive Caribbean resort.

“Holy crap, look at that guy!” Sadie bolted upright in her chair like ice water had splashed down her back. Megan turned her attention to the edge of the surf and watched two men toss a Frisbee. The blond guy tossed the disc high, forcing his friend to dodge into the thigh high waves. He made a valiant jump into the air as he plunged into the water. He emerged from the foamy waves, his hand grasping the red toy. Water glistened on his bare chest and flowed off his almost black hair in streams. A broad grin stretched across a face that could rival a Roman god. Even from this distance, she could see two dimples pinching his cheeks where his smile curved upward.

“He’s freaking gorgeous.”

Megan pulled her attention off the eye candy and looked at her friend. She knew that voice. “Sadie, don’t.”

An all too familiar twinkle lit Sadie’s eyes. “Meg, loosen up. We’re on vacation. Remember, you promised no dieting? Well, that guy is a treat I want to sink my teeth into.”

For a fleeting moment, a twinge of jealousy pooled in Megan’s stomach. Sadie always got what she wanted in the end. She had a “go out and get it” kind of attitude that men found irresistible. No one would ever call her beautiful by society’s tall, leggy, stick-figure standards, but her confidence and personality shone through on her pixie shaped face. Men tripped over their own feet to please her.

Megan glanced toward the two guys goofing around. The Roman god wouldn’t see Sadie coming; no one ever did.

“You go have fun. I’ve got my book.” Megan half-heartedly held up the phonebook thick novel sitting in her lap.

“You sure?”

“Yup.” Megan thumbed through the book to the dog-eared page marking where she’d left off. “Already reading.”

Sadie bounced off her chair and tossed her cover up to the ground. “I won’t be long.”

“Yeah, right,” Megan whispered to herself as she tried to concentrate on the page in front of her. She’d be lucky if she saw Sadie again today. Oh well, the book was just starting to get good anyway.
* * * *

Keith Gates tossed the Frisbee to Doug just as a petite blonde with boundless curls trotted toward his friend. One hour. They’d been at the resort one freaking hour, and already a woman was fluttering around Doug. The blonde’s smile shone as bright as the Caribbean sun. The man never ceased to amaze him. A few minutes passed, and it became apparent Doug had no intention of throwing the Frisbee back. Great. Just great. Placing a well practiced smile on his face, he approached the two of them.

“Hey, Keith. Oh, sorry man, I forgot about our game. Oh well, I was winning anyway. This is Sadie.” Doug nodded toward the blonde, a sheepish grin on his face.

“Nice to meet you, Keith. I hear congratulations are in order.”


“So what do you two have planned for your week long bachelor party? God, don’t say hookers. That’s just tacky. Strippers are much more P.C.” She scrunched her button nose.

“No hookers or strippers for straight laced Keith. Just some guy time, boogie boarding, golfing, and good old sight seeing. Ain’t that right buddy?”

“Della’s your sister, man. Have some respect.”

Doug’s head tossed back in a deep, throaty laugh. “Lighten up, Keith. Della’s the one who planned this trip. She gave me very clear instructions that what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico.”

Keith shot Doug a look that could kill. What the hell was his issue? Maybe he’d change his tune if he knew why his sister was so open to him having an affair. Trying to change the subject, he said, “So where are you from, Sadie?”

“We’re from Seattle.”

“We?” Doug’s attention turned to the pretty blonde, a hint of concern edging his voice.

“Oh, I’m here with my friend Meg. She’s up there.” Sadie hitched a thumb over her shoulder toward the lounge chair area. A lone woman sat reading a book,her chocolate hair piled high on her head, dark sunglasses concealing her face. Her figure was hidden behind a cumbersome cover up, but two long legs stretched out over the length of the chair. Her ankles crossed in a picture of complete relaxation. She could be an ad for a travel magazine. By the time he turned his attention back to Doug and Sadie, they were in full flirt mode.

“A personal trainer, huh? That explains your killer body.”

Sadie giggled at Doug’s lame line, and Keith rolled his eyes.

“I’m heading back to the room. I need to take a shower. I’ll see you later, Doug. It was nice to meet you, Sadie.”

“You sure, buddy?” Doug’s gaze never left Sadie’s upturned face.

“Hey, no problem. I want to check my emails and unpack. I’ll see you for dinner.”

Sadie’s golden curls swayed when she turned to look at him. “Are you guys free for dinner?”

“Of course. How about you and your friend join us? We were going to hit the buffet, but we can go to one of the culinary sit down restaurants on site,” Doug said.

“No, the buffet here is amazing. It sounds perfect. I’m sure Meg’s okay with anything.”

Memories of college crept into Keith’s mind. Back then he’d been a third wheel on many occasions. It was a common Friday night routine for Keith to return from the bar alone when Doug’s good looks drew attention from whatever walking set of headlights and pouty lip combo showed him interest. For the first time he really looked Sadie over. She wasn’t Doug’s usual type, but his friend seemed completely intrigued by the petite blonde. Clearing his throat, he started to back away. “Okay, kids, guess I’ll just catch up with you at dinner.”

“Sure, man. See you back at the room in a bit.”

“Bye, Keith.” Sadie’s impossibly wide smile spread across her entire face. He couldn’t help but like her.

He left and trotted up the beach heading to the stairs leading to the individual
cabana bungalows. When he neared Sadie’s friend, he slowed down. His gaze started at the tips of her painted toes and wandered up her smooth, long legs. The cover up hid the bulk of her figure, but her face almost made him stop. She seemed consumed in the novel she was reading; the pink tip of her tongue sneaked out and licked her lips back and forth. He wondered what color her eyes were and imagined they could be a warm brown to match the chocolate tones in her hair.

He continued to the footpath leading to the cluster of tropical white and aqua blue painted bungalows, and his mind drifted to Della. Two questions he’d been wrestling with for the past three weeks plagued his thoughts. Did he love her?

Maybe, but was it enough to marry her?

Uncertainty ate at the lining of his stomach. So much could change in three weeks. And now he was stuck here, at a beautiful tropical resort with his best friend, on a trip that his fiancée arranged in hopes of evening the score between them. More like easing her own guilt, he thought as he slid the card into the electronic reader. One way or another, he was determined to use this week to figure out where his life was heading when he got home.

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