Monday, September 7, 2009

I went on Vay-Kay and my muse came with me!

This long weekend I went on vacation for the first time this year (I count RWA Nations in July as a 'working vacation'). My husband (the man), mysef, and some friends went on our annual camping trip, but this year everything was different.
Why? Because I didn't leave my muse at home. Which is not a bad thing.
I found myself sitting around the camp fire, or lounging in the sun, or riding into town on the boat, and thinking about how I wanted to descirbe things on paper.
I looked at my two best friends and realized I want to write a story about our kind of friendship; the kind that only gets stronger as the years pass. I watched my husband laughing and joking with his friends and want to put little parts of him into every hero I write. I wanted to take the warm sun and the cold water and describe how they flow over me and make me feel like my skin is icy and on fire at the same time.
But most of all - I hope I remember to pack my laptop next year for our annual camping trip!

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