Monday, February 7, 2011

First line contest!

It was a dark and stormy blogfest…

Brenda Lake is running a great first line contest at her blog, and I'm signed up. The winners receive critiques by the wonderful agent, Weronika Janczuk

For more information on this awesome contest first Brenda's blog and read through some of the lines being posted there. Ms. Janczuk will have a hard time choosing from some of the talented lines I saw!

Here is my first line from Trouble at Trinity, a young adult novel.

I didn’t wear mascara to my brother’s funeral.


  1. It's good for setting the scene. I'm interested to know the relevance of the mascara,

  2. Yup, perfect way to get me hooked. Nice job.

  3. No suggestiosn here. I'm already curious, hooked, all the stuff you want from a reader in the first sentence

  4. perfect! Says a lot. I immediately got it and I don't wear mascara. Well, not very often :).

    This one goes to the top of my favorites list. Bravo!