Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I have a character crush!

I am mega-crushing on a fictional character! Who is this quirky guy who has me dreaming of writing a character similar to him? It is none other than The Hatter from the 2009 tv mini-series ALICE. (Click HERE is the IMDB details). Sorry Johnny Depp, Andrew Potts has won me over!

Not only is the actor playing Hatter yummy, but the life he brings to the character has me weak in the knees. Have you ever seen a character that was so well acted, written, developed, played, that you can't help but swoon a little?

If you haven't seen this mini-series I highly recommend you do!

*sigh* this is the kind of movie and Hatter is the kind of character that keeps me awake at night dreaming of writing my next great character just like him.


  1. Psst, he has the same quirkiness in Primeval ;)

  2. You are not alone...When I saw him in Alice I fell in love..LOL