Sunday, February 14, 2010

EM - Room with a View - Erotica

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Below is a snippet from my story Room with a View available HERE
The phone vibrated in his hand and the shrill ring echoed off the dining room walls. “Hello?”
“Welcome home, baby,” Callie’s voice purred through the phone line.
“Where are you?” Curiosity and impatience waged war in him. He really wanted to see his wife.
There was a pause over the line, and her voice trembled slightly when she finally replied. “Look up.”
He glanced at the ceiling, and a nervous laugh greeted his ears. “No, silly. Look through the window.”
Across the short distance, Callie stood in Jillian’s living room. Her pale skin sparkled like a thousand mini diamonds. His eyes darted up and down her nearly naked body. A sheer bra pushed her ample breasts together, and her nipples played peek-a-boo with the edges of the black lace. Matching panties, smooth legs, and high heels completed the outfit. His cock instantly throbbed to life, forcing his hazy mind to play catch up.
After his eyes had thoroughly devoured her sexy body, he finally looked up at her face. Pouty red lips curled upward into a huge smile. She held a phone up to her ear. “Like what you see?”
“Hell yes.”
She turned slowly, and he noticed the thong cut panties that exposed her tight and firm ass cheeks. God, he wanted to reached out and touch them, to run his fingers over her creamy skin. She put down the phone’s receiver and clicked a button. “You’re on speaker, hon. I hope you like what we have planned for you. I love you.”
“I love you, too,” he said, his mind not fully understanding what the fuck was going on. Had she said “we?”
His pulse pounded in his veins like molten lava under his skin. Luke sat back in the chair, waiting to see how everything would play out. Like a kid waiting to unwrap a present on Christmas morning, he tried to contain the growing excitement and nerves that merged together inside. High heels clicked on hardwood and Jillian enter the room. The two women shared a mischievous look before Jillian approached the window.
“Hi, Luke,” the petite redhead’s voice waffled over the phone.
“Hi, Jillian.”
Dryness parched his throat, as though he’d been stranded in the Sahara for a week. But no way in hell was he leaving to get a drink. He stared from his wife to his neighbor and back again. A pink satin slip painted Jillian’s trim figure. The two women turned to each other, and a moment stretched on. Neither moved, and Luke held his breath. He sat forward to the edge of the seat. His penis throbbed against the confinements of his pants.
Silence crackled over the phone line, and he felt like he was right there in Jillian’s living room with them. Callie turned her wide mocha eyes from Jillian and locked with his. He melted in their warm depths. They stared at each other for a moment before he found his voice. “It’s okay, honey. If you don’t want to, just come home.”
Emotion he couldn’t read flashed in her beautiful eyes. Her soft curls swung around her face as she shook her head from side to side. “No, I want this.”
Across the distance, she gave him a little wink, and his heart battered almost painfully inside his chest. Her hand slowly rose and brushed aside long locks of hair that hung over Jillian’s shoulder. His fingers clenched into a fist, gripped the armchair. Watching this show of seduction was driving him crazy with desire. An equal mixture of strange frustration and impatience swirled in his gut. He wanted them to continue. His mind urged them on as he sat and stared transfixed out the window. His penis pulsated, and blood rushed to his core. Sweat gathered at his hairline and he swiped it away. For once he didn’t have control of the situation, and the sudden release of power surged through him. He liked it.
Hell, he liked it a lot.
I hope you enjoyed this snippet and will be back next month for more!
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  1. Kinktastic...haha. Love that word. Hot Kendal! great ending line. It leaves the reader wanting to keep going.