Monday, January 25, 2010

Twitter, Tweetdesk and Me

I have recently joined Twitter and it was suggested I use Tweetdeck. I just downloaded it and find it very busy to look at. I'll update in about a week about how addicted I become :)

Do you tweet? come find me as KendalAshby.

I've attended a fair amount of writers workshops and talked to multiple writers about the great debate about marketing yourself and the time consuming efforts vs pay off. Everyone has different opinions and I am going to share mine:

I believe that if you are at the unpublished stage you still need to show a professional platform. This means having a website, a blog, and joining at least one forum where you can both grow valuable friendships but also learn from peers about the business (I highly recommend Romance Divas if you write any form of romance - click here)

But I also believe that you shouldn't waste all your time with building your online platform if it is costing you valuable time for writing and learning how to write. Like everything in life, there needs to be a balance.



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