Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HIW - Finishing a story

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There is a quote I read last week that went something like this: True happiness in life is having my beginnings than ends.

I really took that quote to heart for my personal life, but not so much for my writing career. This topic had me reviewing what I have on the go and I have at this moment (drum roll please) 5 wips - 2 of which are full novels.

What is the negative to having all this on the go?
1) In theory I should never hit a wall. If I have more than one story to focus on, I can keep my plot bunnies working all the time.
2) When I decide to refocus on one story, I have to reread what I have written to get back into the voice and groove of the story. This will either excite me and prove that I am on the right track, or I will start edits to fix what wasn't working anyways.
3) If I hear of a submission call...hey, I might just have something tucked away.

But what are the negatives?
1) Sometimes (mind you it is rare) I have the desire to work on two stories at the exact time.
2) It takes longer to finish a WIP if I am jumping too it.
3) I look at the amount of open stuff I have on my plate and want a nap. The pressure and self-induced stress can feel overwhelming not having enough time in the day to get to the deadlines I want too.
4) Heaven forbid I have a major writing sprint and finish everything - I'll have to edit everything at the same time and I hate to edit!

Having more than one WIP on the go doesn't work for everyone and to be truthful I wish I didn't work that way myself. I rather focus and get one writing, edited and out first, but where the fun in that? And that's really what it comes down to for me - writing is a passion for me at this point before it is a money making career, so at this point in my career I am letting my imagination, heart and plot bunnies led the way. :)

Has having more than one WIP on the go been a good or bad experience for you?

Happy writing,


  1. I think you have a Freudian slip in there Kendal, you post both lists as negatives!!! Because I've always had issues with finishing things, I have forced myself not to start anything new until I've finished at least the first draft of a wip first. Self induced discipline. :)

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